Francesca Nini | Biografia
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Francesca Nini, a Milanese anda Lampedusan artist presented by Glauco Cavaciuti Arte of Milan.
Nini thinks that black is the most beautiful colour because… (she’ll never say why, that’s up to you to decide). She believes that that which is meant to happen will happen anyway, but that doesn’t stop her from believing in free will. She believes God exists and is a beautiful field of flowers and that it’s up to us to run freely among them. That those who have courage, and she has plenty, can do without a reputation.

She is convinced that pain should be given back all of its innocence and this is why she is aware of the risk of a possible defeat, but, and why not, also of victory. Nini produces large pieces (130x180cm) so that she can be as one with her own paintings, unaware of what she is actually doing and present only at the end. Chance exists also for this reason. She is not afraid of tearing up, changing and destroying what she is doing until it takes on meaning.

In 2012 he published an illustrated book “All’Ombra di Pinocchio” with the publishing house “Carthusia edizioni” and created with the colleague Gianni de Conno the international competition Silent Book Contest (, of which he is still part of the council organization;

In 2012 he coined the word “vandalizzazione” with which the artist gave life to his paintings with a glimpse of color, a moment catharsis for she and her art.

”Among her work in 2013 is UNDERGROUND, which draws its inspiration from the eponymous book by Lewis Carroll;

August 2014 MOWGLI SYNDROME based on Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, large paintings that speak of an open book and reveal the marvels and paradoxes of the Victorian Age as they compare to modern ones;
MOWGLISYNDROME is an installation that measures 9m in diameter and was completed with a live performance by the artist in the summer of 2014 in the Nevada desert during the art festival known as Burning Man 2014;

In February of 2015 she participated in the alternative Affordable Art Fair in Milan;

In March of 2015 she was hosted by the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna with a synthesis of the MOWGLI SYNDROME installation.:

In October of 2015 Nini participated in the Festival Sabir at Lampedusa with a new installation entitled LITTLE RED UNDERWOOD based on the Grimm Brothers’ Little Red Riding Hood. The installation was hosted at BOOK City Milano (October 2015) at the Museo Diocesano and was also presented at the Fiera di Bologna (March 2016);

Dicember 2016 Personal Show partnership with Onlus “Amo gli Animali” from Chef Filippo La Mantia starred restaurant in Milan;

March 2017 Personal Show during the fair MIART in Milan;

June 2017 Personal Show sponsored by Fineco Bank in Milan – presentation the new project “Alchimia”;

August 2017 partecipazione of the new installation project “Kafka 9.0” for the Burning Man 2017, Nevada Desert;

March 2018 – Fuori Salone del mobile Milano – participation with a visual and auditory installation “WIN” and “LAND”;

September 2018 participation at the WOP Fair in Lugano;

November 2018 participation at the Gran Art Fair in Milan;

March 13 2019  presentation of  2017 Burnig Man’s installation “Kafka 9.0” at Triennale in Milan, sponsored by the Trussardi brand, whit Live Performance of Vandalizzazione

May 11 2019 on the occasion of the design week in New York – live Performance Vandalizzazione  at the Rainbow room (Rockfeller Center) with the new series  of paintings “once upon a time”.